Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Personality Piece Video

Just received the video that Jazzy took of the actual performance. So here it is!

The Video

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fist Power

Clay fist! :} I really love clay, so this was pretty damn fun.

Modular Madness Final Piece

Pictures to be added....

Modular Madness Critique

I'm very pleased how well received my piece was. Everybody was pretty excited to see it finished, and people even went up that crazy ladder to view it.

Mainly the only parts that were a cause to talk about were how the string was visible, some wished it were done on fishing line. Which was funny, as I tried using it at first but you couldn't get good knots around it and it was a horrible material for sewing, so it had to go. It thankfully wasn't a big deal though. Another point that was brought up was that I had left the ends of the string past the glue just hanging there. Honestly I never thought about trimming them so that was a good point and way to improve the cleanliness of the piece.

Other than that this was quite the spectacle! Big pieces are always attention grabbing and it worked out wonderfully. It could be enjoyed from many points of view so I feel like the ridiculous amount of time that was put into it was well worth it.

Modular Madness Process

For my cranes in flight modular madness piece, I was inspired by the 1000 paper cranes Japanese legend. So it was a little too expensive to buy that much origami paper I settled on one hundred paper cranes. Even though I may not get a wish I can live with a good grade.

I started off wanting to create a chandelier of paper cranes but as soon as I heard like 5 other people were doing something of that sort, I wanted to try something else. Bill brought up birds in flight and then I instanty wanted to do a migratory flight pattern of these birds.

Then came the ridiculously tidious job of learning how to fold a paper crane, and then to make 100 of them. This took hours upon hours, I even folded cranes while I was going into surgery. After completing these plus a bunch for friends, I had sewn a thread through all of their backs to later tie them individually to another long line of thread. Once they all had their threads, I ran the two super long lines down the hallway of my house and then placed them all evenly apart from each other before I tied them accordingly on their lines. Of course when I tied them my parents wanted them out of the way so they sloppily picked up the lines and all the birds bunched into the middle of the line. So I had to go back and respace them and add a small bead of hot glue to each of them so this catastrophy wouldn't occur again. Once they were dry, I packed them into boxes to ship them back to Huntsville. But once they reached the building, I had to find a different location then where I thought I was going to string them, there was no safe way up to the ceiling of the room... so up the death ladder I went! I had to deal with putting them up on a nail and attached to the railing, it was the only placement that made sense. Once I opened the boxes, the lines had became horribly tangled, so it took several hours longer to untangle them. With the master of untangling, Paige, this went much more smoothly, thank you darling! And viola they were attached and finished.

So this was my process with creating my modular madness piece!

10 Mini Posters